Baby Sleep

✦ A parenting app to put babies to sleep

✦ Contains favorite soothing sounds and lullabies approved by professionals

✦ Simple and elegant UI/UX

✦ Currently localized in 3 languages. More to come!

✦ Available on iOS and Android including tablets

Crying babies can become crusty and this makes life harder for both you and your newborn. Also, interrupted sleeps affect babies’ development negatively. That’s why, we created Put Baby To Sleep for you!



Put Baby To Sleep is a widely used parenting app that helps your infant to fall asleep fast. With many soothing sounds and calming lullabies, both your baby and you can relax during the day. Thousands of parents use this app everyday to get their baby to sleep.

Use Put Baby To Sleep for:

– Playing favorite lullabies of your baby

– Relaxing your infant with beautiful white noises

– Saving more time and energy throughout the day

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